Kip is an intelligent and sensitive boy with a great passion for anthropology, thanks to his mother who studies the Ötzi glacier mummy, exhibited in the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology in Bolzano. When a tragic accident changes Kip’s life, he must leave Bolzano and his best friends. In his last days in the city, Kip will live an extraordinary experience. When he goes to the museum to greet his mother, something magical happens and Ötzi awakens. Kip, with the help of his friends, must hide Ötzi to save him from a wicked woman who is on his trail. While the mummy will experience the twenty-first century, Kip will learn from him the secrets of the Copper Age. Produced by Manuela Cacciamani Executive Producer Gennaro Coppola Directed by Gabriele Pignotta with Diego Delpiano, Michael Smiley, Alessandra Mastronardi and the extraordinary participation of Vinicio Marchioni A One More Pictures production with Rai Cinema After having conquered the Giffoni Film Festival, in the 6+ category, he arrives at the cinema all over Italy from November 8th! Visit the site for additional news and bonus materials!