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In the movies there is nothing unattainable, no idea, history or setting, especially if virtual reality is involved. This is why the powerful technical medium is at the center of a great contest that will allow authors, screenwriters and directors to express their full potential by writing a short film to be shot in VR.
One More Pictures factory together with the online platform Rai Cinema Channel launches a competition entitled "Unreality" and offers the possibility of making a short film with virtual reality.
The contest will be presented with a special meeting at MIA, the international audiovisual market (17-21 October), held during the 13th edition of the Rome Festival at the Hotel Bernini Bristol. To find out the details, the appointment is Saturday, October 20th at 3PM at Sala Giada of Piazza Barberini.
The panel will include the producer Manuela Cacciamani, founder of One More Pictures, Gennaro Coppola AD of the visual effects company Direct 2 Brain, Salerno Gianluca Vfx Supervisor of Direct 2 Brain and Carlo Rodomonti Director of Marketing and Digital Development of Rai Cinema.
Aimed at adults of Italian nationality, the contest "Unreality" is looking for the best script for a short VR film that will be entirely produced by One More Pictures within 2019 in order to promote virtual reality linked to film language. As witnessed also in the recent works in VR signed by great Hollywood authors like Alejandro González Iñárritu (Carne y Arena) Ridley Scott (promotion of Alien: Covenant) Jon Favreau (Gnomes and Goblins) Steven Spielberg (Ready Player One) and Kathryn Bigelow ( The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger's Shoes) virtual reality offers an incredibly versatile approach and offers creators new tools to create a totally new kind of entertainment for the public. As well, the short "Unreality" aims to discover new talents.
Fix the appointment with the details on Saturday October 20th at MIA when One More Pictures officially opens the hunt for new stories written for this medium.
Get ready!