Neverlake, the web movie produced by Onemore Pictures and Rai Cinema

The shooting of Neverlake, the new movie produced by Onemore Pictures by Manuela Cacciamani and Rai Cinema, it’s starting in Tuscany between Arezzo and Cortona on the 29th of January.

Neverlake belongs to the project “Web Movies” introduced by the AD of Rai Cinema, Paolo Del Brocco during the last “ Festival del Cinema di Roma”.


Neverlake is directed by the first-time Riccardo Paoletti, following the same productive model of the previous Fairytale. The movie is entirely shot in english and it will be projected in the event of Cannes 2013. The international trades is developed by Rai Trade and the musical composition is produced by Warner Music.


Moreover the ingredients are the classic ones of the horror and ghost-story genre mixed with digital visual effects which are achieved by the Direct2Brain which is a leader company in the animation branch, and is supervised by the multi-awarded Nicola Sganga.

The movie tells about the happenings of a young american teenager that goes in italy to visit her father. During the development of the story she assimilates the etruscan legends which characterize that place. Between dramatic turns of events and surreal atmospheres, Jenny finally discovers what kind of mistery is hidden behind the bronze statues, protagonists of strange rituals.


Arising from the subject idea, developed by the same producer and by Carlo Longo which is the author of the script too, it was the archeological site of the “Lago degli Idoli” in the territory of Arezzo.This is an unlimited treasure trove which today still gives statements of extreme value preserved in many museums as for example that of the Louvre, Baltimora and Saint Petersburgh.

As a matter of fact this lake was a holy place for the ancient etruscan who believe in particular wonder-working of its water. They throw small bronze objects which illustrate people with deseases or parts of the body which need attention.