Doppia Difesa – the foundation created by Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno that offers legal and psychological consulting to those women victim of abuses, violences and discriminations – chose Rai Cinema to develop an innovative social fundraising campaign focused on romantic comedy cinematic language. The goal of the campaign, that starts in november and will be supported by  Rai, Mediaset, Sky e La7, is to share a positive image of living in couple.

This partnership – realized by  Studio Marver, project leader for Doppia Difesa – gave birth to three social commercials written and directed by Gabriele Pignotta, produced by Manuela Cacciamani and Rai Cinema teaming with Cannizzo Produzioni and Gruppo Trussardi.

Three commercials and a short movie with a different idea, sit-com style, about a delicate issue like violence on women, with the goal to comunicate a positive message. Three little stories where the ostensible violence  of a man against a woman unexpectedly twisted in a game in everyday’s couple relationship. The final goal is to present a positive man model to emulate.

Each spot has a couple of great players: Adriano Giannini and Ksenia Rappoport are the protagonists of “The Football Game”, Giorgio Pasotti and Alessandra Mastronardi play in “The Anniversary”, and Fabio Troiano and Claudia Gerini are the couple of “The New Shoes”.

The three commercials compose the short movie “Another Story“.