Manuela Cacciamani, apart from being majority partner of One More, today covers the role of Executive Vice President of Axed Group S.p.a., and CEO of Direct2Brain, and is Executive Producer of One More Pictures.

She grew up breathing cinema; she developed her profound passion for film production by living a good part of her childhood in the Cinecittà studios where her father worked.

At the age of 18 she began her career by working as a production assistant on the film “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” produced in Italy by Fox. She continued her professional formation by working on Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York”,
Wes Anderson’s “The Adventures of Steve Zissou”, Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Twelve”, Abel Ferrara’s “Mary”, gaining invaluable experience and acquiring a practical knowledge of international film production.

Her international experience was completed when she was offered the chance of on-the-job training in New York at Cappa Productions and at Miramax, where she picked up a vision of production that helped her understand how digital was
growing and becoming important throughout the entire production pipeline.

Back in Italy, where American productions had now become sporadic, she worked on improving her knowledge of how the digital world was changing multimedia production, so she joined one of the most innovative VFX and animation companies, the Direct2Brain. Here, she soon made a career for herself and became a partner and CEO within the space of three years, during which she found time to realize the most important project of her life: she became a mother.

In 2006, she founded One More Pictures, with the aim of developing innovative productions, but soon learned that to take on future challenges she needed a partner who would support her in entrepreneurial choices, therefore in 2009 with Direct2Brain she decides to became part of AXED Group.

In 2011, she realizes her dream of producing her first feature film “Fairytale”, the first Italian supernatural thriller, co-produced with RAI Cinema and sold throughout the world by RAI Com, in countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom,
Australia, Turkey, Korea and Colombia.

In 2013, she produced her second feature film “Neverlake”, which to date has been sold to 16 countries around the world.

In 2014 she produced the short film “Un’altra storia”, against violence on women, for Michelle Hunziker and with RAI Cinema.

In 2015 she produced the short film “Ancora un’altra storia”, that is about the parental alienation and it’s realized with RAI Cinema for Doppia Difesa, Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno’s Onlus.

In 2015 she also produced the thriller “In fondo al bosco”, directed by Stefano Lodovichi, a SKY production in association with Onemore Pictures.

All examples of “Digital Distribution” applied to film production that do not adhere to traditional systems, showing that quality is no longer just a question of budget, where use of digital becomes a leading player in the production process,beginning right from the start of a phase of that very same process.

In the meantime, Manuela continues the successful activities of Animation Studio with Direct2Brain, taking part in large scale international projects such as the remake of “Ben Hur”. She’s been recently named italian DIGITAL CHAMPION by Riccardo Luna (journalist e responsable of digital program in Italy and in Bruxelles).She is also teaches at the Holden school, with “Crossmedialità”.

Manuela Cacciamani’s participation to “100 Parole e cento mestieri per la RAI”: