OneMore Pictures and Rai Cinema Channel launch the Contest for VR short films : “Unreality”.

The Contest is designed to connect young Italian and foreign screenwriters and filmmakers with Italian and foreign television and film productions, to promote a new model of connection between cinematographic language and virtual reality.

In the screenplays for short films that will be submitted for evaluation, you will have to give space to an immersive reality completely alternative to the one that surrounds us daily through the use of technology . It has to  isolates us completely from the surrounding environment and it has to immerse us in an imaginary world .


The prize is reserved for unpublished screenplays.

Only unpublished screenplays may be entered in the competition from which no cinematographic, theatrical, television or any other work has ever been written in Italian. Scripts have to be of full and exclusive property of the author presenting them in the competition.

The screenplays must be aimed at the creation of a video and film  of up to 10 minutes duration.

The scripts must be sent to by December 31, 2018.

Each competitor can participate, alone or in collaboration with others, with only one work.

Registration is free.

The competitor must be 18 years old. In the case of a minor, the screenplay must be presented by at least one parent legally responsible for parental authority.

One More Pictures s.r.l., in collaboration with Rai Cinema, is committed to selecting the winning screenplay and announcing the choice by February 15, 2019 and producing the winning short film starting from  April 2019.

The short film will be officially presented in Venice (September 2019 in a dedicated event during the Film Festival).

Submission of Materials

Each participant must send a folder containing the following documents in pdf format:

-curriculum and brief biographical note of the author

-application form (in the application form you must provide: contact details, the original title of the work, the authorization to process personal data in accordance with European Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR), a self-certification the ownership of the rights of the screenplay)

-file in .pdf format with the screenplay for the short film written on A4 sheets (character 12).

-a moodboard and director’s notes related to the script in file format .pdf

The materials sent will not be returned and will become part of One More Pictures archive.The authors who do not win will not have any materials returned but the rights remain the exclusive property of the participant.No communications will be sent in case of a negative result.

All regularly presented screenplays will be admitted to the competition.

Winner selection.

Of all the screenplays received, 5 works will be selected and among them the final selection of the winning screenplay will proceed.

The five finalist authors will have to come to the OneMore Pictures offices in Rome to present their project.

From the winning screenplay a short film that will be broadcast by RaiCinema Channel, will be produced by OneMore Pictures.

In the production budget, which will be unquestionably determined by OneMore Pictures, it will be calculated an assignment for the rights “Full rights” on the screenplay amounting to € 500.00 (not as a prize, but as a mere payment consideration).

Any refusal to formalize the deed of transfer of rights above will imply the disqualification of the script whose author has refused to operate the cession “full rights” and will be declared the winner the second classified, among the five selected in point 6 that comes before.


The Jury will be composed of representatives of the film world and experts in the sector. The jury will proceed with the selection of screenplays and its decisions will be final.

The members of the jury will be:

Manuela Cacciamani – Producer


Founder of OneMore Pictures S.r.l. in 2006, she produced her first feature film “Fairytale”, an Italian supernatural thriller co-produced by Rai Cinema. In 2013 he produced “Neverlake”, followed by “Fairytale” and in 2016 from “In fondo al bosco”, a family thriller produced for Sky Cinema.The latest production, “Otzi and the mystery of time” is coming out in November 2018.

The collaboration with RAI Direzione Creativa has led her to produce numerous commercials, many of which have won prizes during the PROMAX, giving her ten awards in the last few years.

Manuela also develops projects for some of the most important NGOs such as DoppiaDifesa and MediCinema, screened during the Venice Film Festival and realized involving famous faces of the showbusiness.

Gennaro Coppola – Producer


He has always been passionate about technology and digital image, graduated in computer science with a final project in digital processing of images.He started working before finishing the university, managing various tasks and acquiring different skills in different fields always related to technology and communication. After a significant experience within a multinational group of IT / TLC which lasted 5 years, he founded Axed Group in 2001, integrating different technological skills within the group and developing solutions mainly in the Automotive sector. In 2009 with the meeting with Manuela Cacciamani and the entrance into Direct2Brain, a company of Computer Graphics and Digital Visual Effects, and OneMore Picuters, a film production company, he has finally combined his two passions: technology and multimedia. He kept on experimenting with VR and AR projects applied to the business, implementing innovative projects applied to the marketing of products and services. “I do not believe in easy choices and immediate solutions: the true growth of a person can be achieve by planning over the medium / long term. Starting from solid foundations we can go far, for this reason we have organized our companies according to the criteria of teamwork, enhancing the potential and peculiarities of individuals within a single project so that the final result is the result of a close-knit team that pursues a common goal. ”

Gianluca Salerno – VFX Supervisor for D2B


Passionate about cinema, design and animation, he arrives at the professional compositing after a self-taught period, after having had the first approaches on his Commodore Amiga 500 with the historic Deluxe Paint at the age of 13. For more than 10 years he works between motion graphics projects, 2D animation, live action and VFX both for television and film environments also as visual effects supervisor. In addition to teaching advanced compositing techniques, he has also devoted himself to research and development in the VR 360 video field, in a pioneering path that counts him among the first in Italy. He currently works as VFX Supervisor and VR Specialist at Direct2Brain.

Carlo Rodomonti – Strategic and Digital Marketing Manager for Rai Cinema


Manager specialized in film, media and digital marketing, with an articulated experience in leading companies in the sector, both as a distributor and as an operator. As part of this path, he managed complex, multi-disciplinary projects, involving multiple stakeholders and with strong elements of innovation and resource optimization. He has developed a deep knowledge of the sector, constantly contributing to the growth and training of its team and constantly trying to form itself in a context characterized by a constant evolution of the scenarios. He is also Professor in “Economics of Cinema and Cross-media” for the Master in Audiovisual Management at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan

Lorenzo Montagna


He is one of the leading Italian experts in technologies applied to the media, communication and advertising fields. He was CEO of iconic companies in the network: Yahoo !, Altavista, ViaMichelin and Lycos. He began his career in 91, in Publitalia-Mediaset where he worked for 10 years of New Media and innovative communication formats.

He is the founder of “second star VR”, a strategic consulting company in the field of Augmented and Virtual reality, a star to follow in order to access the experiential technologies of AR and VR.

He has written three books: on online communication (, e-commerce ( and augmented and virtual reality (for Hoepli).

Robert Bernocchi


He has worked in the cinema world for 20 years, first as a journalist, then as marketing manager, acquisitions and press office of the Microcinema distribution company. From 2017, he works in Pepito productions as a delegated producer and story editor. In Pepito, he participated in “La terra dell’abbastanza” by Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo and “Where I have never lived” by Paolo Franchi. Currently, he is engaged as a delegate producer of the Rai series “I wanted to make rockstar” and in the new film by Gianni Amelio on Bettino Craxi “Hammamet”.


The author expressly guarantees that the screenplay presented is unpublished and does not in any way infringe rights of third parties.

The diffusion of the works sent to the competition is limited to jury works. All jurors undertake not to divulge or to draw inspiration from the works submitted for their evaluation.

The competitors are in any case responsible for the protection of the authorship of the works presented.

Competitors may consult the website for information on the competition.

By sending the work the author certifies, under his responsibility, that the work is in compliance with the rules of the notice of the Contest, which has been read in all its parts and accepts.

The Festival participant gives an unconditional consent as of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR) on privacy and in line with the new regulations on data protection, which entered into force on 25 May 2018