One More Pictures has been in business since 2006 to produce contents that entertain and enlighten from the editorial development to broadcasting for commercials, viral campaigns,feature length and short films, documentaries and any other audio visual product.

Our Staff is made up of creative and talented people who are passionate about making a difference through the art of filming.

Manuela Cacciamani, Onemore’s Executive producer founded the Company believing that a strong research in digital innovation could serve cinematographic quality and support the budgeting process.

One More Pictures in fact, partecipates in Direct2Brain, a VFX and Post Production house based in the center of Rome and this synergy offers a unique expertise combination. We want to demonstrate that cinematographic quality is not just a matter of budget and that the search for digital innovations, as known as Digital Disruption, which anticipates people’s needs and make life easier,can also be applied to cinema.

Content, Tradition and Technology are the keywords that represent our daily work.

Content: a well-made screenplay is the key to convey emotions. The foundation to approach each kind of creative content: feature films, short films, commercials as any other audio visual product.

Tradition: Italian cinema has a great history that will always be a foundamental reference for us.

Technology: allow us to achieve new expressive richness compatible with the more contemporary digital productions as well to authorial cinema.

We are an Italian based company with a quick, easy and sharp approach. We work for the italian Market and we collaborate with the major Italian audio/visual Producers and Creative Professianals but we are also well known abroad and extremely familiar with the world market necessities.

This has always allowed us to be considered as a reliable production service for international productions looking for an Italian partner.

Our first two full-length films were intended for the international market, filmed in English and distributed in various European countries, the United States and in Asia.


Manuela Cacciamani

She spent her childhood in the Cinecittà studios, where she was used to go with her father. This is how she fell in love with Cinema. She soon started working in movie productions and found herself involved in exciting international experiences.

She had theopportunity to work within the teams of great directors, such as Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson and Terry Gilliam. When she came back to Italy, she wanted to increase her knowledge in the world of digital technology and joined the Direct2Brain group. After few years she became Associate and CEO of the Company as well.

In 2006 she founded Onemore Pictures and in 2009 she brought it into Axed Group, expanding the technological development department.

She was a professor at the Holden School, where she taught Crossmedia.

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Gennaro Coppola

gennaro_coppola1-300x300He is always been fascinated by technologies, and computer science. Very soon he also became interested in business management and got a share in his first company at the age of 20.

In 2001, he founded Axed Group after many experiences in various companies as an executive.

He believes that teamwork is fundamental because one’s own potentiality gain much more value if applied within a group. Teamwork and daily interaction are the key elements to create a perfect product.

Today he is delighted to put his expertise at the service of Onemore Pictures to bring audiovisual production to a higher level.