The Hero

The Hero A short movie directed by Andrea De Sica with Christian De Sica, Valeria Solarino,Vincenzo Crea e Blu Yoshimi. Produced by One More Pictures in collaboration with Rai Cinema. Realized toMore
By : onemorenew | set 22, 2017

Promax BDA Global Excellence Award 2017 @Los Angeles

On June 8th the  PROMAX BDA for PROMOTION, MARKETING AND DESIGN GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2017 were assigned during a Cerimony in Los Angeles and we are really proud to present you theMore
By : onemorenew | giu 19, 2017

Backstage “Giro100 – Giro d’Italia 2017″

A ONE MORE PICTURES PRODUCTIONS CEO/Exectuve Producer Manuela Cacciamani, Gennaro Coppola WITH: Francesco Lucretti DIRECTED BY: Riccardo Grandi D.O.P.: Marco Bassano STYLING: Laura Di Marco SCENOGRAPHY: Andrea Simonetti POST PRODUCTION AND VFX:More
By : onemorenew | giu 7, 2017